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Chappell Hill Sausage continues to be a family favorite according to our customers. We appreciate customer feedback as it is invaluable to providing the level of service and quality products we pride ourselves in here at Chappell Hill.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

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Mike Hooten

I love your venison summer sausage! I live in Wylie, Tx and the Kroger store in Wylie usually has it this time of the year, but they don't have it this year. I told one of the butchers if he could check and see if the could order it. I don't if you can do anything to make sure they stock it, but I sure do miss it.


Mike Hooten 

Tony Lewis

There is no better sausage for me, quality, price and service can not be beat. I'm a native Texan living out here in California.  I order my favorite sausage via Internet,   customer service people are fantastic. Thank God for Chapel Hill Sausage Company and UPS !!


Tyler Renken

I come by about 3 times a month to pick up sausage for my fire station I work at in Houston and for all kinds of meat from the meat market for my family! The guys at work love the pan sausage and the varieties that are at the market that are not available at their local stores. Ie: hatch pepper and green onion. I love being able to spread a lil Washington County business to Houston! Makes me look good at work and brings green home! Pretty sure I have persuaded more than a few Firefighters that we have great sausage here as well as desserts!

Jamie Rosbrook

Grew up in Houston and spent a lot of weekends at a family farm close to Chappell Hill as a child. My parents always stop by to pick up sausage there. It wasn't until I moved away as an adult that I realized what a great thing we had in Texas. Recently my husband and I came back to visit and I had to share with him what all other states are missing out on!! He loved it and we plan to place an order online!



Shirley Christie

We visited your store and restaurant last week and thoroughly having a lunch there - kolaches.  thank you so much

Patsy Huntley

I see that I am in good company with all the the Chappell Hill Sausage lovers!!I went to a Texas BBQ quite a few years ago and they served your wonderful sausage.  I have been singing  your praises ever since…None other can compare to it's deliciousness!!I am a former Texan who has been living in North Carolina for 36 years. I have brought it home on airplanes more than once and today I made my first order to be shipped…I AM PUMPED and EXCITED!

Two things I MUST HAVE….Blue Bell Ice Cream..(which we FINALLY can get in our grocery stores) and CHAPPELL HILL SAUSAGE!    

Greg Mueller

Great place!! Sausage is one of a kind. Family owned with nice friendly employees.

Myra Byanka

Tried your Pork and Venison sausage yesterday. Poked some holes in the casing with a toothpick and smoked it for one hour. Best sausage I ever had! Am going to try your other products.

A new fan,
Myra Byanka

Bailey  Abbott

Y'all's sausage is the best in the world. I've never had anything like it and nothing compares to the best in Texas. That sausage that y'all make makes me proud to be a Texan. Never stop doing what your doing.

Dawn Roe

We used to get the venison sausage at Walmart and cannot now... we REALLY loved it!!!

Carmen Diaz

I moved back to Louisiana 10 years ago after living in Houston for 20 years.  At the top of my list when visiting there is getting Chappel Hill sausage.  I wish I could order online but s/h charges are a it steep for the quantity I would order.  Still plan to keep buying when I visit Houston.  BEST SAUSAGE MADE!!!

Larry Krause

The best sausage and summer sausage I have ever eaten, But the prices at the stores are getting out of hand for people on Social Security, so what can I do to keep eating your "Great" sausage? Is there a place in Houston Texas that doesn't try to brake the bank or does every one want top dollar for your product. Can people like my self buy very small orders once a month direct from your company at a much lesser price?

Thanks, Larry Krause

Sharron Geeslin

We have used Chappell Hill Sausage  for years and have recently moved to Oklahoma and make special trips to Texas just to buy it.  Now we have found the web page and no longer have to make the trip.  We buy fresh pinto beans and put Rotel and Serrano  peppers, onions and the sausage and make cornbread and it is delicious.  We use Jalapeno Sausage, or Vension & Pork and cut it into bite size pieces.

Joshua Schnizer

Chappell Hill sausage is by far the best sausage our family has ever had. Whether added to a recipe or stand alone, it always delivers a unique flavor and quality that we continue to enjoy. Whether in person or social media we always brag to friends and family about your products. Thank you and we wish your company continued success.

Butch Faske

Wonderful selection of the finest meats in the area... no comparison to other meat counters... the restaurant is 5 star in my book... kind of glad the restaurant isn't closer cause I'd be there every day!  Wonderful People, Wonderful Food!!!!!!!

Deloris Brown

Having the joy of being raised on Chappell Hill sausage, bacon, and other products this is the time of year I place my order, for never do I forget where I was born and raised and to me it is forever home. Ohio has nothing to even match, but co-workers always beg and I give them your website. Will be ordering very soon and keep up the great work for I am a true customer once a year.

Carmen Diaz

Chappell Hill sausage is at the top of my list of what I miss about Houston.  I always get some to bring home when I visit.  There is no better sausage made.

Vivian Cray

I am a native Texan and love your product.  I have missed it greatly since I have had to move to Florida.  My hope is that someday you will ship here and as I will be moving to Kentucky soon there as well. You have a great product which far exceeds the others on the market.

Val  Pomenea

The best sausage I have had here in the USA.

Micheal  Keith

had your sausage for the first time this past St. Patty's day in Cypress. It is far and away the very best I have ever ate. Will be odering some soon.

Sydney  Ranney

Just posted a picture on faebook of the wonderful Bone in Ribeye I bought on my way to Temple from Houston. I have passed by and never stopped and this time passed again and turned around. Glad I did, I did have a question I bought the bone in and thought it was 7.99 but I was charged 8.99?? either way it was a great price just curious? I will definately come back. I want my husband to come with me , maybe we can do a little day trip :)  and have some lunch and buy some more meats. Thanks and all the items I purchased were delicious!!

Lloyd Penn

Tonight I had your Smoked Beef Sausage for the first time.  I don't recall seeing it before and the look of the ring combined with the price made me want to try it.  I usually buy sausage out of Elgin so it was with a certain amount of ". . . we'll see" attitude 'cause I love my sausage.

I am not disappointed.  The density was perfect, the seasoning made me want just a little bit more and the hog casing convinced me that I had made a good choice.

You have a great product and I will definitely purchase it again if it is available at my Randall's on Ben White and Manchaca in Austin, Tx.  They may have carried it all this while and I just didn't know but I will look for it next time.

Really good sausage. 


Tony Lewis

I absolutely love Chappel Hill company and their "fantastic" products, especially their 5" sausages, which my wife prepares so many ways from grill, in gumbo, one can compare to the flavor and taste..I live in California now, so I order online and it arrives in great condition. Thank you Chappel Hill for making such a great product and super fast delivery, bless you and all of your employee's.

Rhonda Brown

Oh my gosh.  I am so happy that I finally looked you guys up online.  I live in Texas and have been traveling to different states with my husband for his job for the last year.  Each time I go home I buy several packages of Chappell Hill sausage and bring it back with me to North Carolina.  I have found that Florida and North Carolina neither one know what good sausage is.  I am so glad to find out that I can order online and have it shipped to where ever we are.  That is great news.  Thank You!  Look for my order soon.  I just brought back 4 packages with me this weekend. 

Kathy Alexander

Absolutely the best sausage you will every eat!

Prophetess Nyvellya Dents

I'd just like to take the time and say that Chappell Hill sausage is the best sausage one could ever experience.  I am a native Houstonian now residing in Roanoke.Virginia with my husband who is from San Diego, California.  I get back to Houston about once every couple of years. And when home, I am sure to eat some wonderful Chappell Hill sausage.  My favorite is smoked beef & garlic. My elder sister who loves in Houston uses the sausage for breakfast & her famous gumbo. There is no sausage in Roanoke that can even compare to Chappell Hill sausage. I miss it so much. My hats off to the best in the world sausage!!!!!!!!!!!  

Jean Urban

We have been eating Chappell Hill sausage before it was available in the stores in Houston.  We would drive to Chappell Hill and go to the old grocery store and buy a stock pile of the sausage to bring home.  When it became available in the stores, my prayers were answered.  I will not buy or eat any other sausage.  As a matter of fact, we are headed to the Scrare Crow fest this weekend and already have plans to stop and the sausage company.  Just keep making that wonderful sausage !!

Don Nielsen

we recently had the smoked jalapeno sausage, and it was the best we have ever had!! just the right amount of heat and flavor!!  we pan fried it, but plan to get more and grill it next time!!  2 thumbs up and 10 stars!!!!

Wanetta Frazier

Chappell Hilll  has the best sausage I have ever tasted. The variety of flavors and types. My family and I really enjoy Chappell Hill products.

Tish Mitchell

My family only purchases your sausage and during the Labor Day weekend we introduced 3 other families to your sausage at our cook out and they are HOOKED!!

Thanks Chappel Hill

Gina Ducote

Your garlic sausage [the large single link style]  is awesome, the best I've ever eaten !!  Here in north east Texas, it's difficult to find.  Most recently I drove to the Dallas area Kroger stores to find it. Would be nice if the stores near Sulphur Springs, Texas could carry it. Thanks for a great product !!

Vicki Griffin

This is the best sausage I have every ate. I visited your web site to show my appreciation. Just couldn't resist posting my comments. I will be ordering from your web site also. FANTASTIC!!!!

Becky Boyd

We lived in Houston for 50 years, I guess you could say we took for granted just how wonderful Chappell Hill Products are. We have since moved to Florida, where we have been lost without your product till I called and talked to Brian. He was so kind and helped me get my husbands favorite sausage, seasonings, and steaks! I guess you just don't know how good something is till you don't have it any more. If you can walk into a store and buy Chappell Hill....well, how lucky are you! Thanks Brian for all your patience, and kindness, you have made us very happy. We sure love your wonderful sausage! There just isn't any better!  Sincerely Becky Boyd

Robert and Elida White


We decided to take the time to look you up and email you and let you know how much we enjoyed your Original Smoked Sausage.  We purchased it on a whim after trying a sample at our local Sams Club.  We were EXTREMELY impressed with the flavor, quite possibly the BEST sausage we have ever had.  Please pass this on to your staff, you have made a customer for life!  

Just a note, we do our primary shopping at HEB and rest assured, we will be looking for it there.  If we cant find it, we will let them know we would like for them to start carrying it!  

Jarret Stedifor

Best thing since Sam Houston!  One small taste of Chappel Hill sausage and I am transported back home, playing barefoot in the creek outside Waller, TX.  Mom would ring the bell for us to come home for supper.  Cheapest trip back home I have ever had.  For years I too loaded coolers of sausage on airplanes with every trip home.  I also only serve Chappel Hill sausage to my closest friends...wouldn't want to waste any.  I thank you for the memories and for real Texas sausage.


Tila Johnson

My family and I have been eating Chappell Hill sausage for years, but only purchased what was available in the local grocery store.  We found a gem when we discovered the actual sausage company right down the highway in sprawling country of Chappell Hill.  Once we discovered the store, we started buying the freshest steaks, ground meat, pork chops and chicken breast that don't seem to stay in the refrigerator.  I'm a proud customer of Chappell Hill Sausage Company!!!!


Good morning,

I wanted to say I have always loved bacon and I tried your Homestyle bacon for the first time this past weekend and it brought back memories of summertime in Halletsville Texas. When I was young my best friends Grandparents lived in Halletsville and his grandmother would make us breakfast and she would serve rind on bacon. I'm 48 now and I instanly went back 35 years ago when I took the first bite. I just wanted to say I love your bacon and plan on making so many more trips down memory lane. Thanks for such a great product and hope you keep offering this great American country staple.

Xavier  McGowen

Im born and raised in Houston go to school up in North Dakota. There is nothing like chappell hill sausage and I tell that to all my friends who are not from the great state.

Phillip Steward

I am from Houston but I now live in Costa Rica. There are only 2 thinks I miss. Your sausage and Blue Bell ice cream.

I shop at Price Mart here and thay have most things from the U. S. I sure wish you guys would connect up with them. There are alot of americans here and all I hear is the sausage here sucks.


Dennis Reichling

Lived in Houston area for 37 years before moving to Omaha in 2006.  Chappell Hill was and still is the best sausage I have ever eaten. I tried almost every flavor except a couple of the new ones that I have not had the opportunity to try and they are all very good.  My son who still lives in Houston came to Omaha this summer for a visit and he asked me if there was anything I would like him to bring along.  I said "Yes, Chappell Hill Sausage!"  He brought me several pounds and I have been enjoying it immensely.  I had almost forgotten how exceptional it is compared to anything else out there. 

Donna Allison

Chappell Hill is the best sausage that there is.  I have eaten sausage all my life and it wasn't until I had tasted Chappell Hill sausage that I found the one that tasted the best.  My kids get irritated with me because I refuse to make my gumbo without it. And since it's harder to find in my area......I don't make gumbo as much.  But believe me it's worth the wait.  Thank you for making a great product.  I hope you continue because I'd hate to be the one to break the news to my kids if I were never to be able to make my gumbo again....LOL.....

Phaedria Alexander

I have been eating Chappell Hill Sausage since I was a baby!  My grandparents purchases Chappell Hill Sausage since it was available in 1968, at that point I was only 3 years old.  They lived in Taylor Texas, so everytime we travel through to go to Taylor we would go through Chappell Hill and had to stop and get sausage!  Both my brother and I have fond memories of our trips and going to the Chappell Hill Store and getting sausage, we still only eat Chappell Hill and know when someone doesn't use it!!!  We are both Chappell Hill Sausage Fanatics! 

Deborah Ewald

I first tried your sausage from a grocery store sample booth. Four flavors were offered, I tried the garlic. It was excellent! I bought a package so my husband, who is very picky, could try it. He loved it! The texture is firm and like that of real polish sausage, which my husband grew up eating. No air or fillers in this sausage! We no longer can get it in San Antonio, so we will be ordering it online, and making a trip to your store and restaurant soon!

Wes Lane

No hill country barbecue is complete without Chappell Hill products on the smoker.

Char  G.

I Grew-up in Tx and was quit used to having CH sausage on a regular basis. Then, 13 yrs ago, my husband and I moved to KS.  We were quit disappointed that we could not find CH anywhere.  We tried many of the local sausages but could not find anything that even came close in comparison.  Our friends said we were being too picky.  So when we went back to Tx or had family come to visit-- we ALWAYS stock piled the sausage and was particular on who we fixed it for.  Our friends became believers and began requesting CH everytime we  went to Tx.  Now I'm glad that we can order it online.  Beats having to wait for our next trip to Tx.   Thank you for a TERIFIC sausage.   P.S. I'm trying to get our small town grocer to carry it ,too.

Aaron Grice

As a born and raised Californian with Texas roots (both grandparents on one side are from Jayton, TX) I thought I knew about good sausage... After meeting my fiance's family (Alvin, TX) I got a real eye opening. Your spicy sausage has had me back home in CA with a craving. Keep up the good work, it's the best I've ever had.


Aaron Grice

Fresno, CA

Gary Peikert

Growing up in Cypress Texas and having friends and family living in Sommerville, Brenham and surronding areas I grew up eating Chappell Hill Sausage. Now living in Alaska for the last 20 years I could only get it when visiting family, friends or business trips. You can't find a better sausage than the Hot and Jalepeno brand, now being able to order it on line makes it even better.

Gary Peikert

Tenna Perry

We recently moved from the Houston area to a small town in Illinois. Every sausage we have tried up here fails terribly in comparison to yours. It is one of the things we truely miss and regret leaving behind. I am going to try ordering some online and see how it ships.