Chappell Hill Sausage Company
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<h1>Where to Buy</h1> <p>Chappell Hill Sausage Company products can be purchased online via this website, in our retail shop located at 4255 Sausage Lane, Chappell Hill, Texas 77426. Chappell Hill Sausage can also be found at your local grocery store. Some of the retailers and other establishments that carry our sausage include:</p> <h2>Retail Locations</h2> <p> <table width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <tbody> <tr> <td valign="top" width="32%" align="left"> <h3>HEB Stores</h3> <p><em>Houston & Austin</em></p> <h3>Brookshire Brothers</h3> <p><em>Houston & Other Areas</em></p> <h3>Seller's Brothers</h3> <p><em>Houston Area</em></p> <h3>Food Town</h3> <p><em>Houston Area</em></p> <h3>Tom Thumb</h3><p>Dallas/Fort Worth</p></td> <td valign="top" width="33%" align="left"> <h3>Kroger Stores</h3> <p><em>Houston & Dallas</em></p> <h3>Gerland's</h3> <p><em>Houston Area</em></p> <h3>Fiesta Stores</h3> <p><em>Houston, DFW, & Austin</em></p> <h3>Super Wal-Mart</h3> <p><em>Houston, Austin, South & East Texas & Southwest Lousiana. <a href=""></a></em></p> <h3>Time Wise</h3> <p><em>Texas Stores</em></p></td> <td valign="top" width="35%" align="left"> <h3>Randall's Stores</h3> <p><em>Houston & Austin</em></p> <h3>Rice Epicurean Market</h3> <p><em>Houston</em></p> <h3>Foodarama</h3> <p><em>Houston</em></p> <h3>Super Target</h3> <p><em>Houston & Austin</em></p> <h3>Super S Foods </h3> <p><em>Texas wide</em></p></td></tr></tbody></table></p> <h2>Other Locations</h2> <p>Chappell Hill Sausage can also be found at many Independent grocery stores, and at the following eating establishments:</p> <h3>La Strada Restaurants</h3> <p><em>Houston</em></p><h3>El Tiempo Restaurants</h3> <p><em>Houston</em></p> <h3><a target="_blank" href="">Hickory Barn BBQ</a></h3> <p><em>11534 S. Wilcrest</em><em><br />Houston, Texas</em><br />281.530.1441 </p> <p> </p>